Packing and Storing



packing and storingThe final stage of the production process is the packing of the produced nets into bales and storage in the warehouse, ready for shipment.



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  • AkaNet Long Lasting Insecticide

    AKA NET (the preferred Long Lasting Insecticidal ((LLINs) Insecticide-treated mosquito nets have been shown to be an effective and most cost-effective means for the control of malaria especially among children less than 5 years of age. Mirai Denchi Nigeria Limited, in its commitment to malaria control and in support of the Millennium Development Goals aimed at halting incidence of malaria by 2015, has through the support of the United Nations, World Health Organization, Federal Government of Nigeria and their partners, rolled out from its hi-tech machines a super quality, tough fibre, insecticide treated net – AKA Net. AKA Net is …Read more »

  • Our Profile

    Mirai Denchi is a high-tech engineering company incorporated in Japan in 2009. Our Nigeria office was founded in 2010. Our name “Mirai Denchi”, means “future energy”. We use the most advanced technology to produce solar electricity power and engineering solutions to suit our Clients’ need now without harm to nature and our future. Our company is rooted in the philosophy of the providing electric power and Engineering solutions to raise the standard of living in the society without damaging earth’s environment. Our international team of engineers and scientists are mindful of the fact the best technologies are those that solve …Read more »

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